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Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art. Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.

Andy Warhol


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Starting something or starting to do something, embarking on an economically oriented project, defines what to do. A future business executive decides to start a business because he has an idea in mind. How to go about doing business?


The desire to realize … to be realized or how to be fulfilled personally by his work.

The entrepreneur who decides to start a business to develop personally will put all his strength and heart into the work. The goals and tasks that he has set to become paramount to his success. He believes in his project and its success. Thus, the whole enterprise rests on the shoulders of the leader and his ambition.

The need for independence Undertaking, because his position no longer suits, because responding to the wishes of his boss no longer fits into a long-term career plan.

The need for freedom, to become an entrepreneur is the desire to work alone, for oneself. To be an entrepreneur is obviously to have freedom of action.

Whatever the reason the future leader has decided to undertake, be they intrinsic or because they respond to market demand, the business creator decides to take a risk.

The management of a business is based on anticipating and trying to predict even the unpredictable.

Errors can easily occur during your journey.

We propose you to list the 5 mistakes that you should not make.


In the business world, there is a fundamental rule that must be respected.

You have to spend money to be able to win .

It becomes essential to calculate the working capital requirement .

Many people tend to neglect this point and find themselves in a very uncomfortable situation.

You will always need to review your working capital requirements.


Contingencies are commonplace in the business world, so you always have to prepare for the worst.

Payment delays or cancellations are part of this lot of unexpected events.

If the situation arises, then you must notify your banker.

On the one hand, you will be able to establish a climate of trust with this one and, on the other hand, search with him for adapted solutions.

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