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We are a training residential college made up of students, scholars, graduates and staff members. Our rich history is the foundation for our values.


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We are an academic residential college made up of students,scholars, old collegians and staff members. Our rich history is the foundation.

We are diverse, welcoming, accepting and passionate about being the best we can be. Join us to make your college experience unforgettable.

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Real, from the most places where I benefited from the study, the practical application, the quality of the content and the help of all the people who are here and a really successful place and always strives to develop very honest in what he provides 👌👌 A place that is more than wonderful. It has a truth in dealing with customers and helping all the people who are progressing that they reach their goal in the fastest time, with the power of experience and certification, and it is true.

_Fatma Magdy,

Fatma Magdy
One of the most professional and recommended institution, with a disciplined administration. I'm proposing to have another module after finalizing the Fast-track MBA.

_Mohamed Elshemy,

mohamed elshemy
A very respectable center and equipped at a high level to ensure the comfort of the student and the employees. Top of respect and longing and ready for any inquiry at any time. And the doctor is at a high level of understanding and make sure that you get the information

_Khaled Antr,

Khaled antr
I would like to summarize my experience on the Entrepreneur Preparation Center on a few simple points Initially a very respectable, refined and suitable learning center Extremely relaxed in dealing with the Taym in the Center for Entrepreneurs Very respectable coaches as people Professionals in teaching the scientific subject in a simple scientific way Promoting dealing and information is simple and easy I am studying an Intensive MBA He is totally impressed with the center and all the amenities and services it offers for that I think this will be the beginning. To study other courses with them

_Mohamed Hassan,

Mohamed Hassan
The best place in which you can develop yourself and be a start to achieve your dream, hold in your dream and keep and see

_Ahmed Mahdy,

ahmed mahdy
One of the best places I have dealt with either as an employee or as a student with a master's degree in business administration and actually I have to complete a doctorate with them because the doctors are very hard on a very large experience in the profession that they study and the customer service department is seriously one of the best departments that I dealt with because it helps and cares about the work and students and really an honorable destination for the place And the educational advisors section is real, they make a very big effort so that they can communicate the information in a clear and simple way, really from the best centers that I am sure are walking on the right steps that will reach the goal that they want Thank you, Entrepreneur Preparation Center 🎓

_Ola Gamal,

ola gamal
Very good place to learn in , & to invest your time & effort in studying there . Very helpful & supporting team , eliminating the difficulties, and leading step by step.

_Muller Karas,

Muller Karas
Really a beautiful place for the people you work in, and the doctors who do the lectures, do not co-operate with you until the last moment, and give you the right time so that you can take your lectures, but they are the summit of taste and respect .. Thank you very very much for your efforts and wonderful treatment ❤️❤️❤️

_Reham Aly Medhat,

Reham Aly Medhat
I am a subscriber from Iraq and a participant in the Intensive Master of Business Administration, and I am very much interested in new information, professors and staff of the center.

_Dktor Sasan Kirkuky,

Dktor Sasan Kirkuky

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  • Saturday  11:00-7:00
  • Holidays 1:00-7:00

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