Joy Mangano

April 15, 2021by CEO

Joy Mangano ( brand success story )

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Joy Mangano, from a mother who suffers from traditional survey methods to a $ 50 million businesswoman

Today we will talk about Joy Mangano Wazai who achieved this overwhelming success, even though she was divorced and had children

Who is  Joy Mangano ❓

Joy Mangano was born in February 1956 and grew up in New York. She studied entrepreneurship at Pace University and graduated in 1987.

Joy Mangano loved to spend her time drawing and inventing pictures and figures, and always dreaming that one day these figures remain real, but she did not have the opportunity to implement this dream.

She worked in a part-time animal care hospital, which is a period of adolescence, and her idea is that she works like a collar for cats and dogs to protect them from fleas and car accidents at night, but the idea was implemented similarly by the Hartz Mountains Company. At that time, I learned that when she had a good idea, it still needed to be exposed to the market on The length of the metric scratch that happened together.

The beginning of the idea 💡

Once upon a time, the air allowed the land, and when the mop was squeezed, her hands became so rigid that she sat for a period of treatment because the mop hung suspended glass, other than the suffering in the afternoon and cleaning each time with the mop.

From here, the idea came 💡 that it creates a mop in it that has all the safety conditions for every six homes in America, it was a strong plastic mop and its grip is easy to use and the mop head was made of cotton to install more on the floors in short (miracle mop does not need to squeeze by hands )

Learn from previous experiences 👩‍🏫

Of course, one does not bite from the hole twice 😅. Joy retained her idea to herself and was not exposed to it, as was the case last time.

It was the most appropriate choice at this time on TV, and I really went to a TV network with a strong public presence, and here was the shock.

The mop was not taken care of by her, and she did not see a popular housewife, who was originally the target audience for this cough, but Joy said that the reason at that time was that the person who announces the product (the mop) was not convinced of it, and this affected the audience and asked the TV network a second opportunity because she is sure that the defect is not The item (mop) is the audience’s fan, but the way it was shown to the audience was incorrect.

Success brings a series of successes 💪

Joy got her chance to display the product on her TV screen on her own and was prepared to stand before the camera and suddenly all the criteria fluctuated and Joy exposed her product, he was in many contacts from customers wanting to buy the mop and the first result after the announcement was that I would request from Joy to make 50 A mop for immediate sale.

Joe Muqafish At the shot De Pis, she achieved a series of great successes and invented 9 different products, such as the clothes hanger that keeps clothes steady from slipping/bags designed to save jewelry and other inventions.

In a press interview with her in 2016, she said that her company sold about $ 10 million in miracle mats and estimated 12 patents for its products.

She also said that her children lived with her passion and innovations with her, even though it started from scratch, and they saw that when a person has innovative ideas, he must be tired and strive to communicate these ideas. Joe Lessa has a lot to achieve, and she is not satisfied with the success that I have reached up to now.

Your role is also fulfilling your passion, not because you are a wife or divorcee or your circumstances are difficult, the world will remain standing, on the contrary, the length of your dream before you is very easy to achieve, and we are in the center of preparing entrepreneurs to help you implement your dreams on the ground because you will learn in CEO Business School every detail in science Administration in a different applied manner

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