How to become a business owner?

April 15, 2021by CEO

Entrepreneurship: How to become a business owner?

Starting something or starting to do something, embarking on an economically oriented project, defines what to do. A future business executive decides to start a business because he has an idea in mind. How to go about doing business? 




The desire to realize … to be realized or how to be fulfilled personally by his work.

The entrepreneur who decides to start a business to develop personally will put all his strength and heart into the work. The goals and tasks that he has set to become paramount to his success. He believes in his project and its success. Thus, the whole enterprise rests on the shoulders of the leader and his ambition.

The need for independence Undertaking, because his position no longer suits, because responding to the wishes of his boss no longer fits into a long-term career plan.

The need for freedom, to become an entrepreneur is the desire to work alone, for oneself. To be an entrepreneur is obviously to have freedom of action.

Whatever the reason the future leader has decided to undertake, be they intrinsic or because they respond to market demand, the business creator decides to take a risk.



Start a startup and associate, be a solo-taker or start a business incubator/nursery, create alone and use its funds, be 7 partners, produce and market a product already acclaimed, to resume the family farm, or finally obtain the status of association or cooperative…

How to take over a business? 

The recovery of a business is not random, there are steps to follow. It’s about not being wrong. Jobs, customers, suppliers are issues.

  • First, we must focus on business activity
  • Analyze the existing business strengths and weaknesses of the existing business
  • Doing a market study as you would for business creation is an essential step
  • To make a financial audit of the company before the recovery, to realize financial projections on 3 and 5 years
  • And finally, propose a concrete recovery plan

Should we set up a start-up? 

As for creating a great traditional company, a start-up takes a diagram and precise creation steps to “get his box up”. 

  • Find the product or technology service to offer to a “target” market
  • Seek funding and create statutes
  • Search and/or train the necessary skills
  • etc.

Enter one franchise? 

Integrating a franchise is not easy. Contrary to what one might think, franchisors do not provide a “business pack” that allows settling in 24H in a new company. We must still: be recruited by the interesting sign, get funding and allow operation, find the premises when necessary, recruit and manage staff, manage inventory …



  • Define the business activity that will work
  • Do a market study
  • Define the distribution and communication channels (presence on the web unavoidable)
  • Define the business model of the company
  • Define the number of people who will embark on the adventure (definition of statutes, the number of associates when there are …)
  • Look for financing that is useful for the operation of the company




What are the growth sectors? 

  • Ecology
  • Services for the elderly and “personal services”
  • Online commerce
  • Coaching: life, sports, culinary, corporate …
  • The high-tech products of the image: augmented reality headphones, drones, camera …
  • Digital professions / Internet security
  • Agri-food sector: vegan products
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