The 10 indispensable qualities of the entrepreneur

September 14, 2021by CEO

The 10 indispensable qualities of the entrepreneur

there’s some characteristics common to the success that I offer you here.

1. To be determined

The entrepreneur must be determined in his projects. Since he creates his society, he must know how far he wants to go, how to go, and put everything he knows into practice. Nothing and no one should stop it.

The determined person is the one who finds no excuse for not advancing.

Caution :-

Do not confuse determination and obstinacy.

Determination means having a specific goal and doing what it takes to reach it. Obstinacy is always repeating something that does not work thinking that it will work one day.

“Ah, it’s sunny today, I’m going to work a little and go for a walk to enjoy”: no, the determined entrepreneur knows what he needs to do to move forward.

You have to know how to accept the defeats, the failures, and bounce on it. One must also know how to accept criticism and never become discouraged, ever.

When everything seems to be against you, remember that the plane takes off in the wind, not with him. Henry Ford

2. Do not be afraid of running out of money

The beginnings are not always obvious. If you do not build a web company with a blog, it will certainly cost you more than 30 €, you may have a loan to repay, and customers will not be at the appointment from the beginning.

The entrepreneur is not afraid of not paying himself salary at the beginning (we also have the advantage in France of being able to start with the Pole Emploi). He has already forecast savings, and knows that the money does not necessarily return immediately in the fund. If so, that’s good, otherwise he knows what to expect.

The money will arrive later if it is determined and if it finds enough customers for its activity.

3. Being organized & knowing how to plan

He is also very organized, and knows exactly when he has to go to work, and exactly what he has to do. He also planned everything he would do in the coming year, and knows what to expect.

We make a plan and we follow it. Of course, we can not plan everything. There will be unforeseen, that’s obvious. But fixing these unforeseen events does not mean destroying your plan and objectives!

“To accomplish great things, we must not only act but also dream; not only plan, but also believe. ” Anatole France

4. Have a pronounced taste of freedom

In general, he has a burning desire for freedom. He seeks to take control of his life, his future, and does not want to be accountable to anyone.

He is willing to work hard and is happy to win a smic while having his freedom although his possibilities are enormous.

-How much do you earn ?
2000 €

You work as much to win as 2000 €, you better accept a job, you would be better paid for less hours.

Will I have the same passion as now, and as much freedom?

“We have only one freedom: the freedom to fight to conquer freedom …” Henri Jeanson

The feeling of freedom is important for many entrepreneurs.

5. Be disciplined

He is also very disciplined. Having planned and organized all his weeks: appointments, tasks to accomplish, he sticks to it, and never lets himself go (it happens but as little as possible).

Despite the problems that come, he knows how to stick to what he has planned and does not derogate. If it is to derogate, it is exceptional, and finds the way to fill the lack of action.

One realizes the importance of the discipline by observing the medieval wars. The more disciplined armies, who respected the plan anyway (even with immense fear), always came out victorious.

Acting under the emotions is not the best of things, that’s why it’s important to be organized, and disciplined.

“Discipline is the mother of success. »Aeschylus

6. Have confidence in yourselfand your project

An entrepreneur has confidence in his idea, in his business. In general if he starts, it is that he feels that his business has potential, if not why start?

This confidence he must not lose. It is by having confidence in oneself, in one’s project, in one’s ideas and in one’s work, that he will keep his motivation, will find new ideas to boost all that. An extremely important quality, therefore!

“If you trust yourself, you will inspire confidence in others. Goethe

7. Being sociable and open-minded

To be successful, the entrepreneur will have to be open-minded. This allows him, among other things, to discuss everything with everyone. The possibilities of meeting are thus greatly increased. Thus it can create a relatively important address book, which is a major asset in the creation of a business.

Have a network, knowledge that will one day help us out, or lead to a partnership, or even better.

Having contact, being very sociable is a huge advantage when running a business.

8. Being creative

To be successful, the entrepreneur must have a bit of creativity. Having creativity allows him to find ideas that will allow him to grow his company.

To be ahead of the competition, to find untapped markets, or to attract new customers.

It is often the most creative who succeed. We are not talking here about being the new Picasso. We talk about doing things differently from others.

“The companies that will survive tomorrow are those that encourage today’s creativity.” Maurice Zeldman

9. Being passionate

The entrepreneur is passionate. This is the driving force of his motivation elsewhere.

Passion is an extremely important motivation vector. If you want to start your business, it is recommended to deal with one of your passions so as not to give up after 6

Successful entrepreneurs have a lot of work capacity because they are passionate about their work.

They are passionate about business, creation and business management. They are also passionate about creating contact and all that allows a business to grow.

10. To be optimistic

As I mentioned in the previous point, the entrepreneur is a great optimist! Yes he has already embarked on the creation (or recovery) of business, which means he is confident about his project. It’s going to work !

It is often said that an entrepreneur is someone who jumps from a cliff without a parachute, and who makes one during the fall.

He has total confidence in what he plans to do, and never lets the negative side take over. It is solution oriented rather than problematic!

The stress ?

Yes he knows, but he uses it to motivate himself, stimulate himself, go forward!

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