How to build your business plan?

April 15, 2021by CEO

A business plan is a true act of faith of the entrepreneur, he must demonstrate the strength of his initiative by exposing the various information in a very structured way.

We illustrate for you an example of a business plan, step by step.

Follow the guide!

The business plan is the reference document before creating a company that will allow you, your entourage, and future investors to have a fair idea of the project.

The business plan ‘s main objective is to seduce the potential investor (s).

It is thanks to this document that they will decide (or not) to go further with you.

You must begin to understand the importance of this document.

The quality, completeness, and quality of the information it contains, will depend on the success of your application for funding to create your company … That’s why it is important to treat as much as possible, his business plan.

By reading this article, you will discover how to build from A to Z an effective and convincing business plan.

What is a business plan?

The business plan details the composition of the team, the name of the company, and the resources available to it.

Finally, it explains how society will become profitable and the innovations that await it. In short, a business plan is similar to a cooking recipe that adapts its ingredients to the content of the entrepreneur’s refrigerator!

The business plan is primarily designed by the founder of the company.

That said, when you prepare your business plan, you need help to maintain a less personal and more neutral vision of your project.

For this, you can call on your closest associates.

To take a step back, contact an expert in a firm specializing in business plans or business creation advisers.

You can mandate them “via” the Agence France Entrepreneur (AFE), for example.

A business plan is for two types of readers.

  • The creator of the company, its potential associates, and its employees in-house are the first targets.
  • The second target includes external partners (customers, suppliers, investors), They will refer to it to decide whether to support the project.

The business plan meets several specific goals, both in internal management and in investor communication :

  • help the entrepreneur build his business. First, by analyzing its sector of activity. Then, showing the new value it can bring to its customers compared to its competitors;
  • support decision-making by asking all relevant questions about the development of one’s society. For example, it determines whether its company must manufacture itself the product it wishes to sell or must rather mandate a subcontractor to manufacture it;
  •  define the teams, the means and the methods necessary to carry out the project;
  • ensure profitability and sustainability; to convince future partners of the credibility and potential of the project.
  • They must also be reassured about the skills and the seriousness of the team.

What should it contain?

  • The business plan must contain information that is rational, credible, and pleasant to read. On the form, a business plan is between 20 and 30 pages on average. For ease of reading, ventilate your text and, if possible, insert diagrams and graphics.
  • Always be clear and define the terms you use.
  • On the merits, always go ahead with verifiable facts and demonstrate them.

Your contacts will prefer your franchise – even if your company encounters difficulties – with vague and evasive comments.

In conclusion, you must explain to your interlocutors how your project brings progress that makes your offer relevant to your market. And what is your most convincing recipe?

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