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Registration procedures are approved after receipt The documents, “Scanned”, are complete and appropriately as follows :
1 – A certificate of the last academic qualification + Transcript
2 -A copy of the passport (valid)
3 -CV.
4 – A personal photo (white background).
5 – The Awarding Body application form, complete with
data and signed by the student.
6 – A file (Word / PDF) of the reason for joining the study, not less than 500 words.
7 – In the case of registration for the ATHE program, it is required to submit an IELTS certificate with a minimum score of 5.5 or pass a language test through the company.
– The responsibility for delivering the documents and their validity rests with the student only or his representative, and all the required documents are submitted in English only and in the required quality (Scanned), be noticed that it is not considered if it’s not clear.
– The student is responsible for the validity of the data registered by him, as well as all documents and certificates submitted by him, and the validity of the data and documents is signed through him only, and the Awarding Body has the authority to accept or reject it without the company intervention. The student will not be able to start the study only after paying the full reservation payment, submitting all the registration documents and obtaining approval from the
Awarding Body, And If he didn’t paid his payments, the study will be stopped .

– CEO BS. is responsible for delivering the material (PPT, Soft copy) only via (LMS, Google Classroom, Email or Website), and the company is not responsible for delivering any references has Ownership rights.
– All examinations and assessment assignments for each program are presented in English only. It is not permissible to request an examination or assessment in any other language. In the event of failure to submit the examination on the specified date for any reason or failure in it, a request is
submitted to resubmit the examination again with additional fees in accordance with the relevant
financial policy.
– The student is notified of all instructions, organizational instructions and modifications related to the study via his email registered in the contract form or through
WhatsApp messages on the numbers specified by the student, and in case of respond failure to the department for a period exceeding 5 days it will be considered an acknowledgment of his
approval of its content.
– It is not permitted to use study groups or any communication ways identified to follow the
study process in any activity not related to the study such as promoting ideas or brands or
trading any topics related to (politics – religion – gender – etc …), and in If this violation is proven,
the student’s academic file will be permanently closed, and he is not entitled to request a refund
of any fees.


– The student must abide by the study period according to the program, and accordingly he is obligated to deliver the assignments on the specified period
– The student has the right to postpone the study start, but at least 48 hours before the start date of the course.
– In case of submitting late for (Assignment – Final Project – Paper work), the student is obligated
to pay a delay fees estimated as follows:

1. In case of being late from 1 to 7 days, the fees will be Equivalent to fifty dollars .

2. In case of being late more than 7 days, the fees will be Equivalent to a hundred dollars .
– In case of the student does not pass any academic subject, the answers are resubmitted again after receiving a form from the relevant department and after paying an additional fee of 1000 L.E .
– In case of that the student fails to deliver the tasks required of him on the specified date, he
submits an official request by sending to or through the LMS by extending the delivery period with an acknowledgment of paying the value of the fine
determined based on the delay period, knowing The fine is automatically added to the student’s
account with the company.
-The student has the right to request a re- evaluation of any of the (Assignment – Final
Project – Paper work) and decide on it through the Academic Director, after paying a fee of Equivalent
to fifty dollars , within only 3 days from the date of receiving the result. Refund or add the amount to the tuition fees being collected.
– In the event that the student is late in submitting the graduation thesis beyond the
specified date, he is obliged to pay a delay fine estimated as follows:
1. In the event of being late for the specified date from one to seven days, a fine of Equivalent to a hundred dollars will be paid.
2. In the event of delaying the deadline by more than 7 days, a fine of The equivalent of two hundred
dollars will be paid.
– Any hold may occurs for any file related to the student doesn’t affect on the offer and the agreed payment dates


– In order for the student to complete the graduation procedures and receive the certificate and transcript
of the academic program, he must do the following:
1. Submit all assignments for each subject, and pass all subjects successfully .
2. Pay the full tuition fees for the study cost, in addition to paying the full fines that were approved during the study period, if any.
3.Submitting a research thesis in the field of business administration in accordance with the standards and requirements of the donor, and those standards are received after passing all the study subjects successfully, and the company provides a supervisor for the thesis at an additional cost. In the case of external supervision, only the application fee of $50 is paid.
4. The period specified for completing the delivery of the thesis does not exceed two months (60 days) from the date of receiving the result of the last academic course.
– The student, in the event of his participation in two or three year study programmes, is obligated to deliver
the thesis to each Awarding Body according to its own criteria .
– The result of the thesis evaluation is issued 45 working days after the thesis is submitted by the student.
– The certificate for the study program is issued by the awarding body after obtaining the result of the
thesis within a period of 4 to 6 months. During this period, the company may request the student to
update his data and documents again to complete the graduation procedures, and the student is then
obligated to complete the data update procedures and submit The documents required for this .
– The certificate is delivered to the student (Soft copy) through the email when it is issued by the donor,
and then the receipt of the certificate is coordinated in hard copy after the student has paid the fees for shipping the certificate .
– In case of the the company provides the opportunity for additional services, such as
documenting the graduation certificate from any official body (the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – an
embassies – …), the student will be paid the service fees, the value of which is determined when the
student submits an official application through the email .
-The MBA should be finished in 365 days from the registration date as a maximum, otherwise; Fines will be equal 800 $

-The student can attend the graduation ceremony when he pays the fees for the ceremony and the
fees for attending the companions, the value will be determined when the student submits an official
request to attend the graduation party through the email..
– In case of the company provides special offers for specific programs for a specific period , it is not
available to reserve the offers In case of their expiry date and prices will be applied at the time.
– In case the student skips the specified period of his study program or hold , he is immediately referred to the Student Follow-up Department to discuss the status of his academic file to clarify the validity of his academic file or not.
– The Awarding Body is entrusted with setting its own requirements or any update that occurs without
intervention of our company, and the student must refer to the Awarding Body in any comments or
objections related to these updates.
– In case of the student failing to receive the “Hard copy” graduation certificate for a period of more than 60 days from the date of its issuance, it will be transferred to the archive without any responsibility to the company.
– The student can request the graduation certificate after transferring it to the archive by submitting an application through the e-mail, and the company responds if his request is available.
– The student shall bear any costs or fees related to the process of transferring the fees, whether it is on his part to the company or vice versa .
– The company is not a repository or archive, so if it does not exceed two months from the date of issuing the certificate and notifying the customer, the company is completely not responsible for this and it
will be destroyed.


-It is not available to start studying without paying the installment for the program.
– The company has the right to stop the study by the company, while the payments are not made on the agreed time.
– In case of the student fails to pay the payment at the specified and agreed time, a fees of %10 of the value of the payment will be imposed.
– The student may not recover any amounts paid in case of registering for discount offers, as they are linked to a period of time.
– It is not permissible to recover any amounts paid in the case of attending the first lecture or obtaining a scientific material
– The student has the right to cancel the study before the specified start date or during the contracting period, but with a %25 discount of the full amount and not from the amount paid as administrative fees. Even if the refund was made on the day of contract.
– The refund request is not accepted until after submitting a request with the reasons,an official email is sent, a decision is made by the Quality Department at and the time period will be specified
– In the event of a transfer from an accreditation authority to any other accreditation authority, the conditions of the other authority shall apply
– In case of the registration letter is issued by the contracting party, %25 of the entire amount agreed upon during the contract is deducted.
– Transfer from one accreditation to another:
• It is permissible to transfer from one credit to another before the issuance of the registration statement from
the accreditation authority, after deducting %10 as administrative expenses from the total fees for registration on that credit.
• After the registration statement is issued by the accreditation body, it is permissible to transfer to another accreditation, taking into account the
• 25% of the total accreditation fees will be deducted after one month from the start date of the study.
• 50% of the total accreditation fees will be deducted after two months from the start date of the study.
• 75% of the total accreditation fees will be deducted after three months from the start date of the study.
• The full accreditation fee will be deducted after four months from the start date of the study.
– The financial payments will be calculated starting from the booking date for the offer and are not related
to any other factor


The student submits this request due to his desire to benefit from the academic support granted by the Awarding Body and the mediation of our company, “CEO Business School”, which consists in managing the study process under the direct supervision and following the standards of the Awarding Body. From his personal knowledge of all the necessary information, credits, and documents for the Awarding Body

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