5 Golden Tips to manage your project successfully

April 18, 2021by CEO

5 Golden Tips to manage your project successfully

Many entrepreneurs face failure at the beginning of their project due to lack of basic principles in project management and inability to apply properly.

So in this article we give you golden tips for managing your project, but before we go into the details, the concept of project management must be defined so that you can familiarize yourself with all matters of project management, and project management is defined by the PMI definition as “the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques in order to meet the

You should also be familiar with the difference between :
– Project management
– Business management

Project management :
Its objectives are to increase productivity and reduce costs in addition to implementing all requirements such as quality assurance and work to satisfy all parties of the project from the client to the project team

Business Administration :
It is the most comprehensive of Project Management and is considered the company’s guide to completing tasks and following up the works and activities that aim to guide individuals, private affairs and business in the enterprise and seeks to normalize the control and control of all functions of the company as it is keen to implement all the goals and strategies of the

Now I know the concept of Project Management and the difference between it and the business management we offer you 5 golden tips to implement in your project management:

1-about your vision of a clear strategic plan

Often some face having a clear vision of their own project with no proper planning and therefore it is necessary to develop a clear strategic plan for the vision of the organization through good planning and setting a time plan and financial and technical goals in addition to the basic components of the project. All aspects should be explained to your team in terms of the budget / needs and resources needed for the start of the project and the specific project schedule.


When planning your project, it is necessary to identify priorities and arrange them and distribute tasks to the team, making sure that they are fully aware of all the details, identifying and arranging priorities increases the success of projects and works to build a mentality and culture focused on implementation

3. make a team carefully

When choosing your team, it should be characterized by the following qualities so that you can manage your project easily and these qualities include commitment and responsiveness to the requirements of the work with the ability to achieve the goals of the organization through good assimilation and adequate awareness of their roles

4. Project Time selection and management

Ensuring the success of the project comes from the ability to control the time and deal with it wisely with a real and realistic assessment of each stage of the project so the importance of organizing the time and choosing the time duration for each stage of the important things to consider in the management of projects

5 – make sure to study the risks carefully

Undoubtedly, any project faces many risks and challenges but can be dealt with through prior study, forecasting problems and making plans and solutions for them at each stage and thus the success of your project will be guaranteed by a large percentage.

In the end you have to study the project well in all its aspects and the five tips were the most important to consider when managing any project to culminate in success and brilliance

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