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  • Bachelor of Business Administration – NEX

    A hands-on undergraduate degree for innovative minds Build a strong foundation in real-world business with our 100% online, affordable and accredited degree. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) starts with…

    6,000.0 $ 3,035.0 $
    • EGP: 47,953.0 EGP
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  • Level 3 ( AAS ) – NEX

    What’s an AAS? An Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Business is an associate’s degree. As an undergraduate program, it’s the next stage after secondary school. Some learners use…

    5,000.0 $ 2,302.0 $
    • EGP: 36,371.6 EGP
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  • Master Of Business Administration – NEX

    Why an MBA at Nexford? Perhaps you’re already working. Maybe you’re crafting a business plan. Why stop? At Nexford, you’ll demonstrate what you can do, not what you’ve read…

    6,500.0 $ 3,200.0 $
    • EGP: 50,560.0 EGP
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