Doctorate In Business Administration (IBAS)

* What is a  Business Administration Doctorate (DBA)?

      Business Administration Doctorate (DBA) is

DBA is a research doctorate in Business Administration, it requires coursework and research after completing a Master’s degree. It’s the logical extension of MBAm it covers the main disciplines of business in more depth and increases participants’ ability to view the organization as a whole.


Doctor in Business Administration programs are designed to provide professionals and executives with advanced tools and research skills needed for strategic planning and decision making, also it offers the opportunity to learn about the latest management techniques and research methods, it is focus on professional practice, to ensure that the researcher is able to demonstrably solve real business problems also DBA offers a qualification with international market credibility.


DBA program helps you to lunch your career as a professor of practice or for personal interest in furthering your expertise in a given functional area, also it helps you to develop a deeper understanding of how to apply strict academic research to concrete managerial problems.


DBA career boosting opportunities are endless. Many become faculty members of top business schools and high-level consultants.

* Why IBAS ?

The international business academy of Switzerland is a registered private business school in Switzerland provides higher university level educational programs, specialized in Business Administration and Hospitality Programs.

It’s located the city of Zurich ,Switzerland..

It is accredited from respectable and well known accreditation bodies in the world to ensure students the quality of education and the international recognition of its certificates.

* IBAS is accredited from :

  • Swiss Private School Register
  • Eduqua
  • ATHE
  • ISO
  • Membership in ACBSP


* Why choose IBAS business administration doctorate program ?

1) Yield the benefits of Switzerland’s higher education reputation.

2) Lecturers with excellent qualification and experience in the respective field.

3) Master research methodology and skills.

4) Improve analytical, critical thinking and problem solving skills.

5) Enable students to conduct their own research papers.

6) Combining theoretical knowledge with practical experience.



Business Administration Doctorate program contains


  1. Research Philosophy
  2. Research Methodology
  3. Advanced Statistics
  4. Multivariate Analysis
  5. Research proposal preparation
  6. Research & Dissertation Phase


* Business administration doctorate modules :


  1. Online Live Program
  2. Class Lectures Program
  3. Duration: 2 Years
  4. Intakes: Monthl
  5. Medium of Teaching: English
  6. Credit Hours: 180 ECTS
  7. Each module equals to 10 ECTS.
  8. Research proposal preparation 20 ECTS
  9. Research & Dissertation 120 ECTS


Career Opportunities

1) Private corporation and nonprofit sectors:

– Consultant – Management, research, etc.

– Entrepreneur/Business Owner.


2) Education:

– Administration

– Academic


3) Government institutions:

– Administration, management, etc.

– Research & development


Finally With CEO Business School You Can Register Your DBA  Also From American International Technology University (AITU)


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